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Whether you are planning for a college function, a small get together with old friends and family members or even a large wedding function or bridesmaid jewellery or an evening party… we understand that your jewels are more than just accessories; they are an extension of your personality. From pieces with poignant shades to vibrant ones, the right jewellery can define your mood for the day and add an aura that compliments your presence – making a regal statement.

Add some color to your life.

Our aim is to bring together timeless jewellery that’s meticulously crafted with the right blend of age-old mystique and elegant modern touches, to provide a comprehensive collection that’s affordable while high on quality.

Beauty refreshed daily with just a click.

Walking in and out of stores is impossible in today’s world, where every second matters. Thanks to our online collection, all you have to do is click and choose. Don’t wait for an occasion, as our portal is designed to make your shopping experience a tad easier.

Show your beloved that you care, and put a smile on her face!

A little about the medium we use.

The main medium we use for the entire jewelry making process is known as polymer clay (special expensive premium clay like material imported from USA), and for connecting findings we use guaranty gold coverings for gold look and for silver and antique feel we use German silver, bali beads, antique metal beads and leather wires metal wires. We make our own beads by hand and with the help of molds. That means 95% of the finished piece from Made For Her brand jewellery is handmade with precision and passion. Read more about our polymer clay medium here. And find out the advantage of polymer clay jewellery against terracotta jewellery.