Made For Her – yes it’s for you designed and built by one among you my self Divya. Made For Her an exclusive polymer clay jewellery online store for custom made polymer clay jewellery in India. You are unique we design the jewellery for the unique you. Get a designer jewelry set, that matches your attire. look special.

Jewellery Designer

Hi! I’m Divya, a polymer clay jewelry artist living in Kochi, Kerala. I personally design and handcraft every piece of jewelry offered on my website. You might have met me on Twitter, Google +, or even in real life! I’m the artist behind Made For Her polymer clay jewellery.

You know that feeling when you see a piece of art and you think to yourself: I need to have that? That’s the kind of jewelry Made For Her is: modern, colorful and unique. Just like you.

Handcrafted from polymer clay which is the main material, imported from USA and we use quality bali beads and german silver metal findings, to add the extra flavour. Each piece has a story of its own that i will be sharing with you in my blog.

Shop personalized polymer clay fashion jewellery from made For Her, we will help you to find the best one that suits your dress for that special occasion. You can order handcrafted polymer clay jewellery from our existing collection.

I love custom designing so if you are looking for something specific and don't see it here in my store, just email me at and we will work together to create just the piece you are dreaming of.

Add some color to your life... You deserve it!

None of us can do it alone. Call on others when you need to; support others when they need you. Let’s empower each other with a loving heart.

Feel its rhythm and beat. Notice what creates music in you. Tap into your natural gifts and talents, your passionate interests so your soul can sing.

How I Started and the birth of Made For Her

I heard a lot about ladies becoming entrepreneurs who leads her community and making themselves strong and helping others to achieve success, so why can't I ?, I can make some difference too. I have some future plans for fellow sisters to join this effort and am sure that will make them self sufficient and live strong in life. So I decided to start a small business, it's jewellery making in the year 2012. I got some good hands on knowledge in bead jewellery making. But I was thinking about a new medium, I was not ready to go with conventional jewellery making with beads, today there are a lot of medium available like beads, metal, paper jewellery, terracotta jewelry etc.

It has been my passion for color and pattern that drew me to polymer clay as the perfect medium for my creative expression. The intensely saturated colors and the technical detail I can achieve with polymer clay, combined with the wonderful tactile experience of the clay in my hands, have me hooked!

Polymer clay which a magical material to make jewellery. which is little bit expensive as we use high quality premium polymer clay it need to import from USA, most of the premium brands are a lot more costlier than terracotta but it gives more finish than any other medium like terracotta or air dry clay (Advantages of Polymer clay Jewelry), more over its already colored so no need to paint it once it’s been baked. We can choose whatever color or even mix it to get another color of choice we want. So I decided this is the new medium to start with.

I have to admit the process to build a new business is much harder, so my husband helped me to get the start. He is a web designer who helped me a lot to source the materials from different parts of the country and abroad. We sourced all material and started working on the new project. It’s almost a year and half now in making polymer clay jewellery. Its 2014 and planned to go online and we launched website and social media pages for the brand Made For Her.

People ship me their dress pieces or photos to work on from all over the country and I’ve done custom wedding jewelry party wear costume jewelry for people I've never met in my life. Getting into the online universe has helped me sell more jewelry and find the people who like my designs or want to design their own thing!

Now it's your turn to support me and my work, i will update the online store with the latest polymer clay jewelry every week. Do visit my store regularlyand follow in social media to get updates on latest polymer clay jewellery stock.

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