Advantages Of Polymer Clay Jewellery Over Terracotta Jewellery

  • Polymer clay jewellery does not need to be cured in a kiln because it needs less than 130 degrees to become completely hardened.
  • Polymer clay jewellery will not brake as terracotta jewellery if you drop clay jewellery made with terracotta it will break in to pieces.
  • No need to paint it, in Polymer clay jewellery we use the mixed color clay so that we can have any color of your choice on jewellery without coloring with paint. Thus it gets that premium look and feel.
  • Color will not fade in long time. and it will remain in perfect shape.
  • The material, We use imported polymer clay from USA, the finest and premium quality clay available in whole world.
  • The terracotta jewellery pieces are very costly like polymer clay jewellery, but the raw material for terracotta jewellery making is available in cheap price every where ( You can’t image the actual price of clay it is too low) and the finished piece pricing is too high.
  • Polymer clay material is highly priced and still we keep the price low when compared to the manufacturing cost and price of terracotta jewellery.